Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life At The Beach

While to some it may seem extravagant, to me it is survival--a trip to the beach front for days of R & R. Being here gives me so many things I want to share with others, but don't know any better way than to post them in this blog. My husband is a pastor--he is busy writing articles, preparing messages, taking phone calls and studying his Bible so he can answer questions almost all the time. He is supportive of my life as a midwife and maintains two office buildings and helps in so many ways. And I'm a midwife who just had the busiest year of my life...all of this to say that we need a true "break" once in awhile.

A road trip to the beach means we laugh together more than usual, we are excited about the coming days of pleasure and rest, and we feel young again. Upon our arrival in Gulf Shores, AL we found that the condo that we had "down-sized" to in order to afford two weeks here rather than the originally budgeted for one week, is awesome and has the biggest balcony with the best view of God's endlessness we have ever experienced. I love it anytime of the day for reading, eating, sitting or even sleeping!

Yesterday I was down on the beach sunning and there were two or 3 other small groups of people some distance away--up and down the beach. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as a bright pink innertubed came rolling by, all alone, moving fast in the wind, sailing along the beach. Everyone was watching it and it came and came, then passed me, then kept going and going--way down the beach and up a sand dune and over it and then I couldn't see it, but saw others still watching it down the beach. It was awesome. After some time a little girl--10 or so--came jogging along in it's path and out of sight over the sand dune. A long time later she came back with it in tow. It was just a strange sight...

Today, I learned how to whistle--yep...all my life I have tried and tried to whistle and never could do more than blow air or spit. Today I actually got it and whistled on the beach and realized it is all in how I hold my upper lip that makes it happen. I'm thrilled, but not going to irritate my husband too much! Who knows what tomorrow will bring here on the beach...just like real life, we are so grateful to have the expectations of yet another day.

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