Sunday, January 20, 2008

At the beginning...

As a midwife, I am blessed to see it over and over--the incredible love that bonds a mother and child together and that lasts forever. Sometimes it's astonishing how a young mother, with sweat, exhaustion, tears and even what appears to be despair will reach out to receive your babe as it emerges from her body and all of the recent trauma disappears in that instant.

And then, even like today, when a young woman gave birth to her third child, and we hear the sweetness in her voice and the incredible melting that happens when she first sees what it is that her body was so forcibly expelling--I am again reminded of what a mother's reason for being is all about and how little control we have over it's existence.

I love to write...I've been watching babies be born for over a quarter of a century and I've witnessed at least a thousand births. It has occurred to me that we all have a need to know that this love is there for us, for the children we produce and for those to come--all we have to do is nurture ourselves and let it happen. That is my desire for this writing place. Let it be a place you feel peaceful, inspired and flowing with reasons to reach out and receive what the day or night brings.

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